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About the British Carp Study Group

About the BCSG

The BCSG was founded in June 1969 by Peter Mohan of Bristol and Eric Hodson of Sheffield. There were twenty-four founder members and now there are over four hundred from most parts of Britain and several other countries including, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the U.S.A. There are regional sections across the United Kingdom, which regularly meet to exchange views and ideas. The first of these regions was started in the Manchester area in 1969.

The BCSG is not a “specimen group” in spite of the name. It was the first large national carp fishing organization in the world and started the first ever magazine for carp anglers. The group held the first Carp Conferences, organised regional meetings and in these and many other ways pioneered the way to success for national organisations for anglers interested in one particular species of fish.

All members are keen conservationists and take an active part in the maintenance of the waters they fish. Many own or control their own fisheries and, in this way, play a very important role as environmentalists.

The group is continually striving to move forward and has recently opened two new fisheries, and published a successful technical book in December 2013.

Early editions of The Carp magazine
Work party at the BCSG's Korda fishery

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