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The Seventh BCSG Book: The Technical Edition

The 7th BCSG book:
The Technical Edition

Please note that the Seventh BCSG book, The Technical edition is now sold out!

Welcome to the British Carp Study Group (BCSG) website...

The BCSG is a national single species organisation for experienced and successful carp anglers. It`s main purpose is social, encouraging the free exchange of information between members who, by the nature of the standard required for membership, are some of the most experienced carp anglers in the country. It is a non-political organization and therefore does not have a political agenda. However, it is a group member of the Angling Trust.

The group offers a wide range of benefits to members, including a strong regional structure and local meetings, fish-ins, a members only website and forum, and access to our own three fisheries. Members also receive and are expected to make contributions to `The Carp`, the twice yearly BCSG magazine.

Membership of the BCSG is open to anyone, although to be accepted there are qualifying standards and you will need to have been carp fishing for at least fifteen years and able to demonstrate angling success on a number of waters. This is because we want membership of the BCSG to be something that carp anglers aspire to and we hope it will be the ambition of many carp anglers to obtain membership.

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